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Religious Tourism

                                     Pilgrimage Place in India


The religious tourism is one the earliest form of tourism. In India there is many religious places. 
I consider you visit  at least once. In India there is many religion Sikhism, Hindus, Jainism, Muslim, 
Buddhist according to religion there is many pilgrimage places in India. India is "land of faith" where spiritual filled with holiness and spiritually. In India, we find the oldest pilgrimage tradition in the  whole world.

1.Vaishno Devi
2.Golden Temple
4.Bodh Gaya
6.Jagannath Temple
7.Mecca Masjid

shree Mata Vaishno Devi


Shree Vaishno Devi is a Hindu temple it is located in Trikuta hills, 13 km from Katra in state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Mata Vaishno Devi is also know as Trikuti, Mata Rani. It is the holy cave of Vaishno Devi.  It is a popular temple of Hindus. It is a religious trekking destination, the  trek itself is very enjoyable, it is little difficult for kids and elder person. The pilgrimage are show their dedication by slogans and singing songs of Maa Vaishno Devi.

Golden Temple


Shree Harmandir sahib glorious Golden temple. The city of Amritsar is the spiritual and culture place of Sikh religion  but it is not only religious place of sikhs it is also symbol of human brotherhood and equality. It is located in Amritsar (Punjab) The day in the city with the prayer from gurudwaras. It is represent glory and heritage of sikhs. The golden body of Golden temple makes it attractive and beautiful. The temple is open almost twenty hour for everyone and anyone. There is a lake around the temple its attracts the people.



Badrinath is a Hindu temple it is situated in badrinath (Uttrankhand) in India. It a town of Chaar Dham. It is located in Gharwal hill chamoli district. Its is open for six months every year because the reason of  extreme whether climate in Himalayas. There is hot water river known as Tapt kund. A bathing in which very refreshing to all traveller. The Badrinath is the domain of  Shiva and Vishnu. The town lies between the Nar and Naryana mountain ranges. The Badrinath temple is the attractive and it is the religious tourism place in India.

Bodh Gaya


The Bodh Gaya is a located in India state of  Bihar. It is the popular religious tourism place in India. It is the place where Gauatam Buddha set under the tree to meditate. Inside the temple you can enjoy the lotus and mediation garden. The Maha Bodhi temple is the most attractive temple and also for study of Buddhism.



Shirdi is the village in Ahmednagar district of  Maharashtra. Shirdi is the most visiting place for pilgrimage.It is reverted by both Hindu and muslim. Sai baba also called Shirdi Sai baba. There is many pilgrimage visit in a year. Here the samadha mandir. Sai baba is the most popular Indian saint. Sai lived his all life in Sirdi and was burned in Buty Wada. His samadhi is well known as place of pilgrimage.

Jagannath Temple


Shree Jagannath Puri temple located in eastern coast of India in state of  Odisha. It is most important temple of  Hindu dedicated to Lord Jagannath form of Vishnu. There are a number old Sanskriti which signs he Gloria of Odisha. The whole of India have been visiting in Puri in course of their piligrimage.

Mecca Masjid

Mecca Masjid is the Muslim worship mosque. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive place in Hyderabad in India. It has the big prayer hall. The construction completed by Aurangzeb. Inside the mosque atmosphere is very peaceful and most beautiful serene. Its culture  attracts visitors.

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Travelling To Leh Ladakh

Top 8 Tips For Travelling To Leh Ladakh

Travelling -To -Leh-Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is most beautiful attraction of Jammu and Kashmir. Every year in month of July-August  thousand of people visited at Leh Ladakh. Tourist attraction in Leh and Ladakh its beauty its monasteries its city and its adventures sports like trekking, rafting, climbing. There are two ways for Leh Ladakh Manali - Leh and Srinagar - Leh both ways full of adventures and road side beautiful views for traveller and adventures lover to undertake this road trip also the road run along sides rivers and passes. In Leh range Both sides are stunning and rock, sand mountains. On these highways which offers you adventures trip with beautiful nature. Some tips for travelling to Leh Ladhak
1.Physical Fitness
3.Network Service
8.Road Condition

1.Physical Fitness
Leh Physical fitness is foremost thing we should need to consider while undertaking trip to Ladakh region. One should carry medicines.We should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol at a high altitude. If you suffer from blood pressure, heart patient, asthma you should consider not visiting to Ladakh. The body takes longer to digest food at high altitude so, the best is to eat light food with full of nutrition and energy. Keep a bottle of water with you travailing and sip frequently. Water mixed with glucose it gives you instant energy.

2.Clothing/travel kit
If you are planing for travelling to leh ladakh should carry warm clothes jackets,hand gloves,caps,water proof shoes or tracking and riding (a must for bikers). Camera with carry bag, Tripod, cleaning kit, extra batteries. Small oxygen cylinder if you face breathing problem due to high altitude. Pair of warm socks. Pair of sleepers. Carry extra fuel with if you are driving your own car or bike.

Travelling -To -Leh-Ladakh

3.Network Service
There is no phone networking for prepaid numbers there is only working postpaid numbers and the best option for phone network service is bsnl postpaid number. These is only service works in Ladakh. If you have no any postpaid number you can use std phone booth services.

Photo identification card, Emergency phone numbers, Enough money, Important number list if any case your mobile stop working, Reservation slip like flight tickets,bus reservation (if you preserved) or any services.

Keep enough cash because the last atm is in the Manali. After that there is no any atm on the way of leh. In Leh you can use your atms and cradit cards but in areas Nubra, Pangong, Tso Moriri you will have to conduct your transaction with cash.

Travelling -To -Leh-Ladakh

November to February is very cold in winters with snowfall. In summers starting from June it is comfortable range in temperature it is good time for visiting. Travelling to leh ladakh in Summers, are quite comfortable as compared winters. Leh has cold climate weather from November to  March. The city get snowfall during winters. After winters you can see the mountains cover with snow in June it is very beautiful view in summers.

Ladakh is a land of adventures. You can go for trekking, mountaineering, you can also try sports such as polo, camel salaries. In Leh there are major festivals include Leh festival which are celebrate by the classic music Daman and Surna and traditional monk dance performed at the monasteries. Buddhism is the religion of  Leh and Ladakh. The people of  Leh believe in astrologers. The language spoken in Leh and Ladakh include Ladahki, Hindi, English, Urdu. The economics of Leh Ladakh is supported by agriculture.


8. Road Condition
Travelling to Leh-Ladakh you must know about this in winters session in Leh Ladakh there is heavy snowfall due to this reason the roads are block. That is why roads condition are bad. In summer session the roads condition are good. The condition of road from Srinagar to Leh is almost in good condition.



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Beautiful Places In India


India is a beautiful country and land of attraction. In  India most wonder nature with beautiful places filled with green forest peaks, mountains, rivers, valley and also some places are adventures and some places in India not allowed to visit because that places are most dangerous. Here is the list of some Beautiful places in India. You must visit. India attractions are mountains, forest, temples, adventures places, its unique culture, lifestyle and traditional things.

1. Kashmir Valley
2. Srinagar
3. Leh - Ladhak
4. Nimrana Fort Palace
5. Jim Corbett
6. Valley of Flowers
7. Ooty "Queen of the Nilgiris"
8. khajjiar, Himachal Pardesh

Kashmir Valley

Beautiful-Places -In-India
Kashmir is a beautiful place, this is famous for beautiful mountains and landscapes. It is denotes Kashmir valley between great Himalayas and Pir-Panjal. It is includes Kashmir valley, Jammu, Ladakh, Siachen, Srinagar. There is cool environment beautiful views with valleys and lakes. Kashmir is also called Paradise on Earth. It has many breathtaking places beyond the imagination


Beautiful-Places -In-IndiaSrinagar is the capital city of Kashmir it is offer beautiful holidays on the lakes and houseboats. Roads are filled with snow in winters season. The Dale Lake is a fresh water lake. The lake is divided into two smaller ones the Lokut (small) and Bod (big) Dal. Mughal garden is situated in Srinagar it is major attraction of tourist the name is suggest, build in mughal period the garden fully decorated by beautiful flower the garden is three renowned  garden namely the Nishat Bagh, Shalimar garden, Chashmashahi. Srinagar has the unique culture blend, it is one of the  beautiful places in India from the rest of the country.

Leh - Ladhak

Beautiful-Places -In-IndiaLeh Ladakh is the Land of high passes in India state of Jammu and kashmir its culture and history are closely related to Tibet. The largest town in Ladakh is Leh. There are many passes the famous pass is Khardung La pass which is the gateway to Shyok and Nubra valley. The Chang La pass on the way in Leh. Pangong Tso is a beautiful blue water lake in Leh there are also passes are situated in Leh Bara-lacha La Pass, Taglang La pass, Fotu La Pass, Lachulung La pass, Namikala pass and Zojila pass. Three Passes range in Leh The Himalayas, the zanskar, The ladhak, and The karakoram. Leh Ladakh is the adventures road trip and beautiful place in India. You must visit at least once in a life.

 Nimrana Fort Palace

Beautiful-Places -In-India
Nirmana fort is a paramount beauty. It is one of the beautiful place in India.It finds in arrivals hills.which are the oldest folded mountain in the world and now turned into luxury resort, the palace was under the Rajput Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan III. It is located in the Delhi - Jaipur highway. Nimrana forts offers you a night views. Two pools around the palace and beautiful rooms. Make the visit to memorable one.

Jim Corbett

Beautiful-Places -In-IndiaThe first and oldest park in India is Jim Corbet. It is located in Nainital.  The park has breathtaking landscape population of tigers. It is populated for bangal tiger. There is many variate of flora and fauna. It is prefect place for nature and wildlife lovers. In winters you will find in this park beautiful and unseen birds. In summer season you suffer from extreme sunlight. In the month of November and June it is  perfect time for enjoying jeep safari.

Valley of Flowers

Beautiful-Places -In-India
It is located in  West Himalayas in the state of  Uttarakhand. This is most attractive place. Valley of flowers is high altitude Himalayan valley. If you want to see lots of flower July and august is the best time. You also see here animals black deer, snow leopard, musk deer, red fox, brown bear and blue sheep.In winters the Valley of Flowers covered with snow. The all attraction makes it beautiful place in India.

Ooty "Queen of the Nilgiris"

Beautiful-Places -In-IndiaOoty is a beautiful place in India It is the queen of hill station located in Tamil Nadu, also known as blue mountain. The forest land and greenery makes it more attractive and beautiful. Summer days are warm and but summer nights are cool with minimum temperature. In Ooty there is multi culture like any other part of India. Ooty, Queen of hill station named by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Annual flower is held here third week may in every year. Here is also lake here you can enjoy horse riding around the lake.

khajjiar, Himachal Pardesh

Beautiful-Places -In-India
Khajjiar is the Mini Switzerland, This is the small spot for tourist.
It is also referred as Gulmarg of Himachal Pardesh. In winters the hills of Khajjiar covered with snow, But  in summers there is views of greenery. Khajjiar offers you trekking also you can enjoy here some adventure activities. Do
having experience with maggi and hot tea in snow. There is tributre
Ravi River. The best time to visit in khajjiar march and June.

Religious Tourism

                                      Pilgrimage Place in India The religious tourism is one the earliest form of tourism. In Ind...